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Simple Solutions For Common Pool Problems

Air bubbles visible in strainer basket

  • Make sure pool water is at proper operating level (mid-skimmer).
  • Check to make sure skimmer weir(s) is/are not stuck.
  • Make sure pump strainer lid and gasket are sealed properly.
  • Clean all debris from strainer basket.

Low Flow

  • Check and clean skimmer baskets (poolside).
  • Check filter pressure - if 8 p.s.i. above normal - backwash filter.
  • Check pump strainer basket and clean as necessary.
  • Check pump impeller and remove any debris.
  • Re-prime pump - fill pump basket with water before re-starting.

No Suction For Vacuum

  • Make sure vacuum hose is primed (full of water).
  • Make sure filter is clean (backwash if necessary).
  • Make sure all baskets are clean.
  • Isolate vacuum line if necessary (close other appropriate suction line valves).

Heater Not Functioning

  • For millivolt heaters - make sure pilot is lit.
  • Clean all baskets.
  • Check filter pressure. If filter is dirty (high filter pressure) backwash filter to increase flow.  The heater's pressure switch will not allow the heater to fire if it does not sense enough flow.  Backwashing the filter usually corrects this problem.